Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool #7 - Digital Storytelling

I think digital storytelling is really neat. It will definitely catch the attention of learners since we all know how "techy" they are today. I am a second grade teacher and I think it would be fun to turn a student's published work from Writer's Workshop into a digital story. Students could create tell their story by incorporating animations of their own and music into the digital story. I feel that this may be a slightly difficult task for second graders since they would have to locate resources, synthesize information and pull from many other areas to add images and music. However, I think it could be done with a well-planned out strategy involving mini lessons working up to the grand finale of creating a digital story of their own. I have created a digital story of some favorite memories. It was a little difficult for me because I do not have access to my own computer and all of the pictures I have on it. I a familiar with iMovie on the Mac. I had to film myself teaching a lesson to a kinder classroom during my student teaching and then critique myself. I used the iMovie in order to do this so I did have a little experience. You can just imagine how much of the "iMovie knowledge" one can lose in 3 years. :-) I hope to add to it once I have access to my computer and pictures again. Enjoy!

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