Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool #8

This tool was super easy for me since I use video clips to enhance my lessons. I think it is important to incorporate these into learning as much as we can. I think the students get a lot from these especially those visual learners! The only difficult thing for me with this tool was picking out video streaming. There is so much to choose from and we cover so much in second grade it was hard to decide. I've narrowed my search down to the water cycle and different insects and their environments like bees for example. I think my favorites to use are clips from The Magic School Bus. Kids love it and you can take the actual clips straight from the movie that you need so you do not have to spend the whole 20+ minutes watching the full video. I'm looking forward to using these clips and others on my ActivBoard in my classroom.

I found this and thought it was too funny not to share. Ladies and Gentlemen...The Water Cylce Rap!

Here is Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive:

I guess I like MSB so much because it explains scientific concepts to children in primary grades in a way they can understand. The fun little things the characters say also help them stay focused and really gain something from the video clip and/or videos.

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